To you, it’s a toxic mess.

To us, it’s an opportunity to get your business on track towards greater profitability.

We create order out of chaos and teach you how to keep the records the right way. Then we make sure that you understand how to interpret your financial data by making the numbers come alive for you.

When you understand the numbers, you can control them and make informed business decisions.

Rhonda is efficient, professional and very knowledgeable. She assisted us with organizing and cleaning up our point of sale and quick books systems. We have learned a great deal and she keeps us on track with monthly remotes and accounting assistance. Excellent all around.

As a business owner, you need to know where you stand financially at any given point in time. Your year end financial report or tax return bottom line should not be a surprise.

Financial reporting after the fact – after year end – is a lagging indicator of your performance. If you are running your small business based on historical financial data, it’s no different than trying to drive your car forward by looking in the rear view mirror.

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