Don’t bronze it. Use it.

You can have the best systems in place, but if you and your team don’t know how to use them, you’re no better off than you were before we started.

That’s why training is a key component in what we do, whether your business is a start-up or we’ve re-engineered your process. We don’t just teach you the steps; we’ll help you and your team to understand the sense behind the dollars and cents.

We also believe training isn’t a one-time event. We keep in touch with all of our customers on a regular basis so that we can provide support, answer questions and anticipate needs.

“Rhonda Rosand is a superb trainer, helping you to learn in a style that is most comfortable for your needs. She is also a talented accountant/bookkeeper, instantly sorting through a myriad of numbers to identify a problem, and helping to fix it. Working with Rhonda has saved me time, money and heartache, and I only wish I had done it sooner. I can recommend Rhonda without hesitation.” —Anita Burroughs, Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network

We are inspired by helping small businesses, and we’re committed to your success. We find our work challenging and invigorating, and it shows in our results.

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