Reflecting on 2020

Year-end is the perfect time to reflect on accomplishments achieved and lessons learned over the past year. It’s also an important time to put things into perspective as we turn the page and start a new year.

What We’ve Learned

With so much change in 2020, the opportunities to learn have been abundant. Take a moment and contemplate the following:

  • What new skills did you learn this year?
  • What topics did you become wiser about?
  • What situations have you learned to master?

Goals Met

If you set goals for 2020, which ones did you achieve?  Because it was a volatile year, you may have achieved a lot of things that were not planned.  Or you may have simply maintained status quo, which is an amazing accomplishment in 2020. Give yourself credit for that.

As we transition to 2021, set new goals to be achieved in your business and personal lives and record the list so you can look back periodically to monitor your progress.

Gaining Perspective

Gain perspective by reflecting and asking yourself these questions:

  • What kind of person do I want to be in 2021?
  • How do I see myself in five years?
  • What can I contribute?

Reflect, plan, and gain perspective as we usher in 2021. And have a Happy New Year!