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5 out of 5

Rhonda cleaned up my Quickbooks database and made it look like a walk in the park. My business grew to have an inventory and I was at an utter loss as to how to set it up. Rhonda took the time to learn more about my work and was meticulous in the process of re-configuring my chart of accounts. She also taught me how to use Quickbooks more efficiently. Thanks to Rhonda, I am better able to manage the financial aspect of my business.

Rhonda (and her team) are very helpful to our small business. They are knowledgeable, friendly, respond in a timely manner, and assist us with whatever needs and questions we have when it comes to keeping our books accurate and up to date in Quick books. If you require some extra help, I highly recommend Rhonda- you won’t regret it!

Rhonda is deeply knowledgeable about QB. In a few short sessions, she trained me to set up my businesses and do my own accounting. Her training style is pleasant, efficient and generous. I always learn more than I expect to learn. Rhonda also has an excellent business background. We meet quarterly to review the accuracy and completeness of my accounting and to discuss intelligent business moves for profit and tax planning. She efficiently helps prepare 1099s, too! Rhonda is flexible and meets me in person, or when the need arises, meets virtually which is a great time saver. I highly recommend Rhonda as a QB and business coach.

I was so frustrated with Tech Support I was about ready to dump Quick Books. Rhonda came to my office and was able to straighten it all out. It now works the way it should have worked to begin with. Well worth every penny for her knowledge.

There are not enough flattering adjectives to describe Rhonda. She has become an invaluable asset to our company. We recently did a complete overhaul of our business. New accounting system, new inventory management system, new web site and store, and new edi processing partner. Rhonda jumped right in to coordinate and oversee the entire transition. She was a true lifesaver for us. Rhonda’s positive attitude and bubbly personality are infectious. She is efficient, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and an overall pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be more pleased with the services we received from Rhonda!

I was tearing my hair out, having tried everything I could to fix my company file in QuickBooks Premier 2016. Intuit was no help at all despite many attempts to communicate with them. Rhonda responded to my email overnight and we made an appointment for the very next morning for her to address my issue remotely. She was knowledgeable, professional and kind and put me at ease immediately. My issue was resolved in less than an hour and I am up and running again. I could not be more pleased with this experience.

“Our group thoroughly enjoys working with Rhonda. We were faced with a conversion from an antiquated accounting software to QB Non-Profit Premier. This conversion had to happen within weeks. Rhonda had the expertise to get us working towards our conversion goals. Rhonda has extraordinary teaching skills and capacity. We look forward to working with Rhonda as we continue our QB journey.”

“Excellent! I wish I would have contacted Rhonda much sooner – would have saved myself much frustration…What I love about Rhonda is she follows through. Even if she does not know the immediate solution, she will work on the problem until it is resolved. Great bubbly personality – like you have known her for years…Would highly recommend her to anyone!”

“Excellent! Patience and perseverence with a smile. Rhonda and Kristen took me by the hand and showed me what to do. They answered all my questions even if I asked them more than once (and I did!).”

“Rhonda Rosand is a superb trainer, helping you to learn in a style that is most comfortable for your needs. She is also a talented accountant/bookkeeper, instantly sorting through a myriad of numbers to identify a problem, and helping to fix it. Working with Rhonda has saved me time, money and heartache, and I only wish I had done it sooner. I can recommend Rhonda without hesitation.”

“We are a small non-profit charged with running three retail stores. All profits go to our non-profit work. Our POS System was Ver 5, and Rhonda was able to upgrade it to Ver 11 even though Intuit said this was an impossible task. She also set up POS systems in our two satellite stores. These stores were using outdated cash registers. Rhonda is responsive to our every need. She is always ready to cheerfully lend a helping hand when needed. This daunting task could not have been possible without Rhonda’s expertise.”

“Our firm recently changed its corporate structure and it became necessary to track job costs by project. Since I am a person who wears many “hats” in a small firm, I relied on Rhonda to help me set-up QuickBooks in the proper manner to allow accurate job costing to occur. I couldn’t have done it without her!
I found Rhonda to not only be very knowledgeable of QuickBooks, but also helpful with regard to general accounting and taxation protocols. Furthermore, Rhonda is great to work with. I highly recommend Rhonda to anyone who needs help with QuickBooks!”

“Rhonda is efficient, professional and very knowledgeable. She assisted us with organizing and cleaning up our point of sale and quick books systems. We have learned a great deal and she keeps us on track with monthly remotes and accounting assistance.
Excellent all around.”
“Rhonda is extremely dedicated, energetic and determined in everything that she tackles!”

“After 27 years in business and many consultant relationships, I can say without hesitation that Rhonda is the most personable, results driven, effective and valuable consultant I have ever worked with. I will continue to work with her for as long as possible, and highly recommend her to friends and colleagues.”

“Rhonda has insight and creativity to customize solutions for any business. She believes in the people she works with and will create a program for your specific business. If you want to improve your bottom line, Rhonda is the person for you.”

“Rhonda has been a terrific business partner. She has provided accurate, timely help on a number of complex financial challenges faced by my company. Without her diligent work, we would have been in serious straights on several occasions. I recommend her without reservation.”

“Rhonda is is detail oriented but not at the expense of the “big picture”. She’s a CPA – yes – but so much more than that. You’re missing out if you haven’t hired Rhonda for keen insight to your growing business.”

“I had no background or experience with QuickBooks®. My business partner in Michigan had been running the books and I took them over this winter. So I started from scratch with setting up the QuickBooks® system on a remoter server and learning how to use all the features. Rhonda was a terrific adviser. In a matter of a few hours she got me set up doing transactions in the system and creating reports. And she has answered a bunch of questions since then — all within a few hours of me emailing them to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone else using QuickBooks®.” – John Cleveland, President, Innovation Network for Communities

“I thought I could read instructions and I would be OK. Rhonda not only cleaned up everything I had done wrong; she taught me how to use QuickBooks®. Without Rhonda I couldn’t do QuickBooks® and without QuickBooks® I couldn’t run my own business. Thank you, Rhonda!” – Laura Gorman, Tanglewood Motel & Cottages

“Rhonda uses her knowledge both in business and accounting to customize a simple, efficient system that fits your exact needs … She took time to listen and find out what we really needed then provided step-by-step training for all staff levels with plenty of support, advice and encouragement along the way.

Our bookkeeping went from being a hindrance to a tool for future success. Give Rhonda a call today, she’s definitely worth it.” — Gaynor and Alan Reed, Art-Lee Floorcovering LLC

“If you have a small business you need Rhonda! She has helped us in all aspects of running our business – everything from QuickBooks to company procedures, streamlining and helping to us to be much more efficient. I really can’t say enough. Sometimes I’ll call with an odd business question that has nothing to do with CPA or QuickBooks and somehow Rhonda is always there to help. She has a ton of experience running a business. Rhonda has great ideas from employees to customer service. She is very personable and fun to work with.” – Mike & Melissa Monfet, Atlantic Pool & Spa

“Rhonda has been invaluable to the success of our new business! She’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful and more fun to work with than you would ever imagine an accountant to be. She’s quick to respond to any issues we may have and always seems to have the answers. What we especially love about Rhonda is that she does it all: QuickBooks® POS and ProAdvising, business consulting and accounting.” — Heather Chase, The Local Grocer

“My husband runs a small construction company. Rhonda got us up and running very quickly. She was extremely helpful when we started Phase 2 of the project in setting up the budget information and helping my husband track expenses against the budget. My CPA loves her too. I schedule Rhonda right before year end to review all the transactions, make any needed corrections and then send the file to the accountant.

Bottom line, Rhonda will save you time and as we all know, time is money.” —Jill Roeting, Thornton Investments

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