An Introduction to Knowledge Panels from Google

Are you looking for new ideas to market your business? Knowledge panels might be an excellent tactic to consider. If you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry; many people haven’t, but they are a Google invention widely used in search results daily.

Knowledge panels are the information panels that appear on the bottom right corner of your search results when you look up specific people or brands. They differ from the business profiles you see when you query a company, which Google Business Profile provides.

Knowledge panels display information that Google has collected in its Knowledge Graph, which is one of Google’s information databases. For example, search for a favorite author or your current Congressperson, and you can see an example of a knowledge panel. Famous historical figures and extremely popular entertainers may have a more robust page displaying all of the information about them, but there will typically also be a column of text to the right (you may have to scroll a bit to see it), which is the knowledge panel.

So, how can you use knowledge panels in your business? A knowledge panel representing your leadership or brand brings instant credibility and visibility to your organization. It boosts reputation and helps to build trust with all stakeholders.

Who typically has a knowledge panel? If you happen to be an author of a book with a formal ISBN (International Standard Book Number), you would automatically get one. If you are a leader of certain organizations, like Bob Iger of the Walt Disney Company, you will also get one. If your brand is well-known, it will have a knowledge panel.

You can’t create a knowledge panel, but you can claim it once it appears. Google determines who receives a knowledge panel. But you can “lobby” for one, and there are marketers you can hire to help you execute the steps it takes to get one. The main thing is to be active and visible online.

If you already have a knowledge panel, there are procedures documented on Google Help that you can follow to claim it. You can also make edit suggestions and submit them to Google. You can’t directly edit your knowledge panel, however; Google has final control over what is displayed.

After reading this article, we hope you now have a good jumping-off point to understanding and obtaining a Knowledge Panel. With so many marketing tactics available online to help promote your business, it’s essential to stay in the know about them!

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