How to Better Track Your Carbon Footprint

From recycling to driving electric cars, there are myriad ways for all of us to make a difference, and you’re probably already doing your small part to live more eco-consciously. If you’re somebody who frequently looks for better ways to do just that, guess what? There’s an app for that! 

In reality, there are a few different apps that can help you track your carbon footprint. In doing so, you can physically see your carbon environmental impact. Below, we have detailed a few of these apps and their benefits. Take a look! 


Capture is an app that calculates users’ monthly CO2 targets by asking a series of questions. These questions include things like, “How many flights a year do you take?” and “What kind of diet do you adhere to?” Capture also utilizes GPS tracking to predict emissions from transportation.

Specifically, the app was designed to make planet-friendly living possible, but it also makes the process easier for those interested. Capture claims that users can conveniently “track, reduce, and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life.”

Interestingly, the app can be used single-handedly or with colleagues. If you are a numbers person who likes measuring and tracking, Capture might be an excellent solution for you.


The mission of the UK-based company, Almond, is simple: to help as many people reach Net Zero carbon emissions as soon as possible in four steps:

  1. Understand your carbon footprint
  2. Discover responsible brands
  3. Earn offset coins when you make a switch
  4. Offset your carbon footprint

Almond allows you to scan products to not only learn about a particular item’s story but also see what’s in the product (i.e., if it’s environmentally friendly). You can earn money with crypto rewards to plant and protect trees, which offset your carbon footprint. The more you earn, the faster you can grow your forest to achieve a carbon-balanced lifestyle and reach your personal CO2 Net-Zero.

The Recap

Of course, plenty of other smartphone apps and tools are available to help you better track and reduce your carbon footprint, including The Extra Mile, My Planet, and Carbon Footprint. The trick is to find the app or tool that works best for you and your lifestyle. Hopefully, our list provides a good jumping-off point for you in your eco-conscious journey.